Company Biography 1983-2017


Company was founded in 1983 by Mr. Tariq Mahmood Hashmi ,

1983- Audio Video Centre
- Introduction of pre-recorded Audio and Videocassettes, especially those of Shalimar Recording Company (the largest Audio Video Recording Company in Pakistan).

1985- Tariq Video-  Started video coverage for state functions, private parties and wedding ceremonies. In those days VCR?s and video cameras were newly introduced in the Pakistani market.

1989- Satellite Centre- Became the first authorized dealers for Bahawalpur area to introduce Video shack Satellite TV Systems in Bahawalpur region.
Established successful marketing of Video Shack Satellite TV Systems and that was our first opportunity to do business with satellite TV cable services and networks.

- Started the first private television broadcasting station in Bahawalpur to telecast entertainment programs, songs, folk & local culture programs and local news. Because of some legal complication we had to close this highly popular TV channel only after two month.

- TV Advertising & Production Company- Set up a studio especially for making advertisements and other TV productions for The Government owned TV Station in the name of Shalimar Television Network in Bahawalpur. Produced some programs in collaboration with Pakistan Television network and we provided them technical facilities for their local production. Started services for the preparation of advertisements for National newspapers Became the first and the largest producer of advertisements and TV programs for the (NTM) Shalimar Television Network in the area of Bahawalpur.

1997-Brain Net - Established partnership with Brain Net (Internet & Email Services Provider) to provide Internet, Email, Web Hosting and Designing services in Bahawalpur. It was a first of its kind service in Bahawalpur to provide e-mail facility for this area. No public department or private institution offered this facility.

2000- Tariq Cable TV Network
- Started cable TV Network in Bahawalpur City. Entertaining a large population in the region. Established a big cable TV network in different parts of Bahawalpur city.

2001- DW TV - Started broadcasting DW TV programs in partnership with DW-TV from 14 August 2001 on our Tariq Cable TV network.

2004-FM Radios
- Asian Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd- Became licensed  FM radio broadcaster and established largest FM network in Southern Punjab with a name of Radio Jeevay Pakistan FM Network (FM 97 Khanewal, FM 98 Lodhran / Bahawalpur, FM 99 Rahim Yar Khan, FM 100 Ahmadpur East)  broadcast in a radius of 200 Km stretching 500 Km. covering a population of no less than 12 million.

2004-DW TV Established 2nd. DW partnership: Tariq Cable tv network and DW TV, Asia Plus is also provided by us under an agreement In 2004.

2006 DW Radio - Established 3rd. DW partnership between Radio JP FM 98 Lodhran with Radio DW Urdu Service started from 21 April 2006. Became rebroadcasting partner of Radio DW, Bonn Germany.

2008- UN Radio - Jeevay Pakistan partnership with UN Radio, agreement by Mathias Gillmann, Promotion and Distribution Unit News and Media Division United Nations, New York.

2009- DW Radio
- 4th. DW partnership:  FM 97 Khanewal. FM 99 Rahimyar Khan & FM 100 Ahmedpur East with Radio DW-Urdu Service in June 2009.The agreement was signed by Ms. Petra.C. Cchnedra Head Of DW Distribution Department & Mr.Tariq Hashmi CEO of Asian Broadcasting in a ceremony held at DW Headquarter in BONN Germany.

2009-Wireless ISP - We obtained the license of Data Class Value Added Services operating Wireless ISP All Punjab from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) .

2010- BBC - BBC 1st. partnership
:  FM 100 Ahmedpur East with Radio BBC Urdu Service  in 26 January 2010 . The agreement was signed by Director of BBC Pakistan Ltd. & Mr.Tariq Hashmi CEO of Asian Broadcasting a ceremony held at Media Rotana Hotel Dubai UAE.

2010- BBC -BBC 2nd. Partnership
:  FM 97 Khanewal and FM 99 Rahimyar Khan  with Radio BBC Urdu Service  in 26 January 2010 . The agreement was signed by Director of BBC Pakistan Ltd. &
Mr. Yasser Hashmi ( Director Operations)  of Asian Broadcasting, (He is Son Of Mr. Tariq Hashmi  also CEO of Jeevay Pakistan Radio & Tv Network Pvt. Ltd.)  This ceremony held at Media Rotana Hotel Dubai UAE.

2012- Web Radio -Started and now operational Web Radio , Name

* Pakistan first FM radio station bearing operated through solar energy system.

2013- WEB TV - We are Launching First Web Tv Channel of The South Punjab Pakistan Name of  JHOK.TV

2013- VOA Radio - BBG partnership:  FM 97 Khanewal. FM 99 Rahimyar Khan & FM 100 Ahmedpur East with Radio Voice Of America Urdu Service / The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is a United States government agency.

2014- WEB TV - We are Launching First Educational Web Tv Channel of The Pakistan Name of  STUDENTCHANNEL.TV

2015- Live Audio & Video Studio Islamabad - We are started Audio Video Live Studio in Islamabad.

2017 January  -We launching  250  Digital channels 80 Analog channel on Tariq Cable TV service in Bahawalpur City.

2018-Provide Broadband internet, and all Data Services via Wi-Fi and wireless technology to small towns and villages in South Punjab.  We obtained the license of Data Class Value Added Services operating Wireless ISP in 2009,

2017- Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) has approved the membership of Radio Jeevay Pakistan FM Network  dated: 17 January 2017.

Future Ventures

2018 - Lunch satellite TV channel JHOK Television
, which would be accessible in more than 25 countries of Asia, Middle East and Europe.

We are Member of

Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) 2017

RBA ( Radio Broadcasting  Association ) Pakistan, (Member of the Executive Council )
PARS (Lifetime Member Pakistan Amateur Radio Society) Islamabad, Pakistan
CAP ( Cable Operators Association Of Pakistan)

We are Rebroadcast Partner of

VOA Urdu Service
Radio DW, Bonn Germany
United Nation Radio New York USA.
BBC Urdu Service
Pakistan Press Foundation
Radi    Jeevay Pakistan FM Network
Our Radio
Mr. Tariq Mahmood Hashmi
(CEO/Director )
Member - Pakistan Broadcasters Association Pakistan (PBA)
Executive Council Member - Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) Pakistan
Alumni NMW-6  ISSRA (National Defence University, Islamabad)
Yasser Mahmood Hashmi
(COO/ Chief Operating Officer)
G.M. Marketing
Diploma in Media Management From Germany.
Alumni NMW-8, ISSRA (National Defence University, Islamabad)
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